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25th Meridian East
for Orchestra


Work details

Commissioned by El Sistema Greece 

Orchestration: sax).2-

Duration c.22'


Premier details:

Premiered by the Orquestra Juvenil Geração, 23 Jul 2023, Foundation Galouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon-Portugal

Jesus Olivetti - Conductor


The Orquestra Juvenil Geração performing "Be-Me" works. 23 Jul 2023, Foundation Galouste Gulbenkian

Working with the musician Padou, originally from Congo, I composed a piece that blends two folk melodies, one from Congo and one from Greece. The title of the piece comes from the 25th Meridian East of Greenwich, which runs through both countries, Greece and Congo.

George Dousis

Orquestra Geração performing "25th Meridian East"

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